Fast to the Table Freezer Cookbook • #cookbook #freezermeals

Fast to the Table Freezer Cookbook

Written by Becky

My journey to creating a freezer cookbook is an unlikely one.  Just a year ago I didn’t have a working freezer and hardly ever froze food. The contents of my small and finicky freezer were few – partially frozen fruit, raw meat, and several unlabeled, aging ‘food products.’  So, when a publisher came to me to write a cookbook over the subject, I thought it was laughable.  But after a week or so of stewing on the matter, my mind was literally spilling over with ideas. What if I wrote a cookbook on freezing fresh, unprocessed foods, using seasonal produce to stock your freezer with food that will be sharable in the following seasons. I was imagining tastes of summer like peach pie, to be enjoyed mid winter, and healthy snacks available year around like apple sauce and frozen yogurt dipped berries. Suddenly, I had a whole new idea for a cookbook.  Luckily, the publisher liked my ‘new’ approach to freezing so we signed a contract and started out on this adventure!

How to Freeze Fresh Fruit • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

The book is divided into several sections starting with a small manual like section of how to freeze.  These are techniques I learned along the way, that I thought might be useful to those also starting to stock their freezer for the first time – handling subjects like freezer burn, how to properly package freezer meals, and how to best freeze specific foods like fruit, grains, and cooked meat.   I also added some fun tips like how to freeze in jars for giving foods away as gifts or get well meals.   This section also gives you a break down on how long each food will last in your freezer so you can label your food correctly and not end up with unknown ‘aging’ food in your freezer like I used to!

Freezer Friendly Peach and Ginger Scones • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

After a little basic knowledge is given, the chapters are divided up into meal types – breakfast, pasta, meats, veggies, snacks, and desserts. I give my favorite recipes for the classic freezer meals like enchiladas and lasagna as well as new freezer recipe ideas like banana waffles, pork tacos with avocado crema, butternut squash ravioli, and salted caramel brownies on a stick.

Freezer Friendly Chicken and Slow Roasted Tomato Pasta • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

The whole process of making this cookbook was out of my wheelhouse but a perfectly good challenge for me as a recipe developer and home cook. I took the basic skills I have gathered over the years, as well as my wisdom attained during culinary school, and applied them to the craft of freezing.  My family and friends are now better off because of it and I’m forever reaping the benefits of having a stocked freezer, especially as baby numero two is on the way!

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Here’s a little visual taste of what you’ll find in the book:

Freezer Friendly Cereal Milk Ice Cream Cake • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

Cereal Milk Ice Cream Cake

Freezer Friendly Tomato Basil Soup • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

Tomato Basil Soup

Freezer Friendly Salted Caramel Brownies on a Stick • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

Salted Caramel Brownies on a Stick

Freezer Friendly Strawberry Rhubarb Freezer Jam • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

Strawberry Rhubarb Freezer Jam

Freezer Friendly Chicken Enchiladas • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas

Freezer Friendly Slow Cooker Applesauce • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

Slow Cooker Apple Sauce

Freezer Friendly Grape Slushy • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

Grape Slushy

Freezer Friendly Butternut Squash Ravioli • #cookbook #freezermeals #freezerrecipe

Butternut Squash Ravioli

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    • YESSS!! I’m so glad to hear this. I just couldn’t imagine doing a freezer book like all the others that are out there and I had so many ideas for something in a new direction. I’m so grateful to hear that someone else thinks in the same way!

  1. Hi, your cookbook sounds interesting enought that I’ve looked at ebook samples from Amazon and iTunes iBooks and then went to the publisher site. I am greatly frustrated because I don’t know what recipes are in your book. 🙁 While *sounds* as if it might be terrific, I like to know the names of the recipes in a book before I buy. It’s hard shopping blindly.

    I have to buy only ebooks now due to vision (thus also require ebooks with adjustable font option). The iBook sample (which does show adjustable font, check) doesn’t have individiual recipes listed in the dropdown menu and doesn’t show me whether individual recipe links will be given at the chapter level. With ebook cookbooks, those indvidual recipe links can make a difference between enjoying a cookbook or having to work just to use it. So I don’t have enough information to enable to make a decision about buying your cookbook, I”m sorry to say.

    I”m glad to have discovered your website and look forward to exploring it. Meanwhile, is there any way I could get a list of the recipes in your cookbook? And do you know whether the iBook version has individual recipes listed at the chapter level?

    • Hi DeeD. Here’s the list of recipes. Hope this helps!! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Take care, Becky

      Flaky herb biscuits
      Strawberry rhubarb jam
      Peach jalepeno jam
      Slow Roasted Tomato and Spinach Quiche
      Maple Nut Granola
      Banana Waffles
      Maple Raspberry Baked French Toast
      Cherry Almond Smoothie
      Sweet Green Smoothie
      Chocolate Chip, Hazelnut Pumpkin Bread
      Cherry Zucchini Muffins
      Honey Nut Sticky Buns
      Ginger Peach Scones
      Breakfast Sandwiches
      Breakfast Burritos

      Appetizers, Sides and Snacks:
      Mexican Rice and Black Bean Bowls with Avocado Crema
      Mashed Potatoes with Caramelized Onions and Roasted Garlic
      Baked Cracker Mac and Cheese
      Braised Beef Biscuit Sliders with Jalepeno Peach Jam
      Sweet and Spicy Cranberry Relish
      Yogurt and Granola filled peaches
      Yogurt Covered Berries
      Ginger Pork Wontons
      Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs
      Slow Cooked Apple Sauce

      Chicken and Sweet Potato Gnocchi Soup
      Smokey Corn and Bacon Chowder
      Tomato Basil Soup
      Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Soup
      Turkey and Black Bean Chilli
      Tuscan White Bean Soup with Sausage and Kale

      Main Dishes:
      Slow cooked beef short ribs
      Slow cooked pulled pork
      Roasted chicken (and tips freezing rotisserie chicken)
      Beef and Potato Hand Pies
      Moroccan Chicken and Apricot Stew
      Chicken, Black Bean, and Corn Enchiladas
      Pork Tacos with Chimichurri and Avocado Slaw
      Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Cheese Burritos
      Chickpea and Spinach Falafel
      Chicken Curry with Spinach and Chickpeas
      Orange Sesame Beef Stir Fry
      Chicken Pot Pie
      Slow Cooked Turkey and Lentil Taco Filling
      Mountain Taco Salad
      Chicken Pesto Pizza with Sun Dried Tomatoes
      Pepperoni and Sausage Calzones with Tomato Sauce
      Peach and Proscuitto Pizza

      Pasta and Casseroles:
      Sausage and Spinach Lasagna
      Pasta with Chicken, Kale and Sun Dried Tomato Sauce
      Butternut Squash Ravioli with Maple Balsamic Glaze
      Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Bacon, Spinach, and Peas
      Thai Noodles with Veggies Peanut Sauce
      Roasted Vegetable Stuffed Shells

      Fisherman’s Stew
      Spaghetti with Shrimp and Zucchini

      Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies
      Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies
      Cereal Milk Ice Cream
      Ice Cream Cake
      Salted Caramel Brownies on a Stick
      Blueberry Pie Ice Cream
      Lemon Cream Bars
      Brown Sugar Peach Pie
      Fruit and Yogurt Pops
      Grape Slushy
      Blueberry and Butterscotch Ice Cream Sandwiches
      Coffee Granita

      Beyond Basics:
      Tomato Sauce
      Chicken Broth
      Beef Broth
      Vegetable Bouillon
      Thai Peanut Sauce
      Enchilada Sauce
      Sun Dried Tomatoes
      Orange Sesame Stir Fry Sauce
      Pizza Dough
      Sweet Potato Gnocchi
      Pasta Dough

  2. Thank you, Becky! Just what I need to evaluate. Lately peaches have been a crave, and right away, I see you’ve come up with some interesting-sounding recipes using peaches. But I am especially drawn to the thought of starting to make-and-freeze meals. I need a way to get food I love on the table more often.

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